About the Authors & Managing Editor


The three co-publishers of this legal blog are partners of Pepper Hamilton LLP, a law firm founded over a century ago with more than 450 lawyers in offices from coast to coast in 13 U.S. cities.  They co-head Pepper’s Independent Contractor Misclassification and Compliance Practice, an interdisciplinary practice group composed of more than 30 labor, tax, employee benefits, and class action lawyers working together on independent contractor compliance and misclassification matters. A description of the practice group can be found online at www.ICMisclassification.com.

Collectively, the co-publishers of this blog have presented more than 20 public seminars, webinars, and presentations since 2010 and have written more than 30 articles on independent contractor compliance and misclassification. They have published more than 170 comprehensive blog posts on court cases, legislation, regulatory initiatives, and newsworthy matters involving independent contractor compliance and misclassification.  Their legal blog is the only one in the country dedicated solely to this subject for employers in industries across the board, and offers readers “takeaways” to enhance their organization’s independent contractor compliance. The co-publishers have been quoted regularly every year since 2010 in national, regional, and local print and online media on the subject, including the The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Business Insider, Forbes, Fusion, Public Integrity, numerous Bloomberg, BNA, Thomson Reuters, and Law 360 publications, as well as other leading business and legal media sources on the subject of misclassification of independent contractors. The co-publishers’ articles and blog posts are regularly re-posted, re-published, and cited in scholarly articles, studies, and industry publications.

The co-publishers represent companies throughout the country in an array of diverse industries. Their work in this area is varied, including restructuring and re-documenting independent contractor relationships, defending national, regional, and local companies before administrative agencies and the courts including class actions, and providing due diligence on the independent contractor misclassification exposure of companies that are  targets for mergers, acquisitions, and investments. A list of their extensive representative engagements reflects the breadth and depth of their practice.

The Three Co-Publishers

Richard Reibstein photoRichard J. Reibstein is a partner in Pepper’s Labor and Employment Practice Group. Mr. Reibstein has more than two decades of experience in private practice representing employers and senior management in all areas of employment and labor law, preceded by two years of government service with the National Labor Relations Board and U.S. Department of Labor.  In the area of independent contractor compliance, Mr. Reibstein designs programs for companies to enhance compliance with such laws at the federal and state levels, and defends businesses before administrative agencies and the courts in single plaintiff and class action employee misclassification claims.

Lisa Petkun photoLisa B. Petkun is of counsel in Pepper’s Tax Practice Group.  Ms. Petkun concentrates her practice on sophisticated tax planning on behalf of individuals, partnerships and corporations.  Her areas of concentration include choice of business entity, personal tax planning for high net worth individuals, taxation of lawsuit payments and recoveries, tax issues associated with nonprofit organizations, independent contractor issues, and estate, gift and personal planning.  She has handled many worker misclassification IRS audits, and has assessed and structured worker relationships to comply with independent contractor laws.  Her practice includes advising businesses with respect to drafting and implementing independent contractor agreements to enhance compliance with legal standards.

Andrew Rudolph photoAndrew J. Rudolph is a partner in Pepper’s Employee Benefits and Executive Compensation Practice Group and was the founding chair of that practice group.  Mr. Rudolph has more than 25 years of experience in employee benefits, executive compensation and related tax and corporate law.  Currently, his practice is focused on benefits and compensation issues that affect larger publicly-traded employers, and on the benefits and compensation issues presented by mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures.  Mr. Rudolph was involved in the enactment of federal tax law affecting the classification of technical service workers in the context of employee leasing arrangements.  He has also been involved in several litigation matters defending plan sponsors against independent contractor misclassification claims.

Our Managing Editor

barskyj_thumbJanet B. Barsky is an attorney in Pepper’s Labor and Employment Practice Group, resident in the New York office. As a member of the firm’s Independent Contractor Compliance Practice Group, she focuses her practice on independent contractor compliance counseling and litigation. Ms. Barsky has enhanced the independent contractor compliance of dozens of companies, both large and small, by restructuring, re-documenting, and re-implementing their relationships with independent contractors. In her role as managing editor of this blog, Ms. Barsky contributes to each of the posts and compiles the monthly news updates for this blog.